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Announcing our Fall 2024 Native Tree & Shrub Sale!

Sag Moraine is thrilled to announce our Fall 2024 Native Tree and Shrub Sale! Order your shrubs and trees on our website for pick up at the Lyons Township Community Center, 6404 Joliet Rd, Countryside, on either Friday, September 20th, between 1 PM and 3 PM, or Saturday, September 21st, from 9 AM to 11 AM.

News & Events

Sag Moraine provides regular education opportunities for the community. 
Join us as we learn about native plants and ecological landscaping.

Prairie Restoration Effort At Precious Bridgeview Prairie

The Village of Bridgeview, Township of Lyons’ Clerk’s Office, Sag Moraine Native Plant Community, and the Tallgrass Associates are embarking on an exciting project to restore a hidden gem that is often overlooked in Bridgeview. Bridgeview’s Shooting Star Prairie is located on Harlem Avenue and 76th Street and is 12 acres of remnant and restored prairie.

Our 3rd Annual Native Plant Sale was a great success!

Sag Moraine extends sincere thanks to those of you who supported our 2024 sale: volunteers, vendors, and the hundreds of you who “adopted” new plants from our sale for your landscape, and are helping to support our pollinators, birds, and native biodiversity, one plant at a time!

Member Events: Summer 2024

Join us for some summer fun! Not a member? Join our community

Metal Butterfly Necklace Class

Friday, July 12th at 6:00 PM

Windy City Thunderbolts
Elvis Show, Food Buffet & Baseball Game

Saturday, August 17th at Ozinga Field

Volunteer With Us

Do you have a green thumb… or maybe just a green heart? At Sag Moraine, we believe everyone can be a part of creating a healthier, more beautiful future with native plants! We welcome volunteers with all skill sets, backgrounds, and levels of commitment. 

About Sag Moraine Native Plant Community

Located in northeast Illinois, we are dedicated to restoring native plants to our residential, business and public landscapes. Loss of natural habitat and the native plants within has led to an alarming decline in pollinators, birds, and ecosystem health. This problem can only be solved through the efforts of private landowners, not government legislation. More than 85% of Illinois is privately owned. What we plant at our own home or business can have great impact on our environment. Together we can make a difference!

We cannot in fairness rail against those who destroy the rain forest or threaten the spotted owl when we have made our own yards uninhabitable.

~ Sara Stein


Sag Moraine is a non-political community of people who value the promotion of native plants for the protection of our local ecosystems. We provide regular opportunities to connect, learn and share ideas both remotely and in person. Please join us as we restore our environment one plant at a time.

eastern bluebirds on crabapple tree
Eastern bluebirds on crabapple tree
monarch butterfly on blue hyssop
monarch butterfly on blue hyssop


Sag Moraine encourages thoughtful plant choices that ecologically benefit our environment. We respect the rich natural history of our area and believe that many small things make a big difference. Every time we choose a native plant for our landscape we create a more vital and sustainable ecosystem.

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