Sag Moraine

Promotes Native Plant Communities

Maple Lake, Palos Hills

Sag Moraine Native Plant Community services the southwest portion of Cook County and surrounding areas in Will and DuPage Counties in northeast Illinois. Our area has a rich natural history and a uniquely diverse variety of landscapes. Forests, prairies, wetlands, savannahs, lakes, rivers and grasslands enrich our suburban community. Sag Moraine members respect and appreciate these natural landscapes. Their presence makes us aware of our own responsibility to nurture and protect the natural world around us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for the use of native plants in residential, commercial and public landscapes. We believe that native plants are the foundation of our food chain and must become more widely utilized to improve the ecosystems that sustain all life. We strive to provide a fun, friendly and welcoming environment for all who share our commitment to restoring native plants to our community.

There can be no purpose more inspiring than to begin the age of restoration, reweaving the wondrous diversity of the life that still surrounds

E.O. Wilson

What we do

Provide online and in person educational opportunities to learn more about native plants and how they support our ecosystem.

Provide resources to assist members in planning gardens and choosing plants.

Host monthly online meetings for members to share ideas, ask questions and socialize.

Keep our members informed on relevant news and events.

Organize hikes, contests and other events.

Provide opportunities to purchase native plants.

Create an online social media community for our members to connect and share on a regular basis.

Host virtual and in person garden tours.

Reach out to the community to promote the use of native plants.

Sponsor the planting of native gardens on public and non profit land within our community.

Work with other environmental organizations to accomplish larger restoration projects.

Natural History of Sag Moraine

The natural history of our Sag Moraine landscape is inspiring. Formed by the Wisconsin glacier that covered Northern Illinois, Lake Chicago was formed. It was much larger than the current Lake Michigan. Its waters were contained by hills of glacial debris called moraines.
Pat Camalliere, a respected author and local historian, discussed our regions unique history in her beautifully written blog entitled Mount Forest Island and Lake Chicago. In it she discusses the creation of the large triangular moraine called Mount Forest Island in modern day Palos Hills. Water flow around Mount Forest created the Sag Valley to the south of the island and the Desplaines River Valley to the northwest.

According to Ms. Camalliere, when Father Jacques Marquette traveled this area in 1673, he wrote;

“We have seen nothing like this river that we enter, as the fertility of the soil, its prairies and woods; its cattle (bison), elk, deer, wildcats, bustards, swans, ducks and even beaver.”


Some Of The Suburbs We Serve




Burr Ridge



Hickory Hills


Homer Glen




New Lenox

Oak Forest

Oak Lawn


Orland Park

Palos Heights

Palos Hills

Palos Park

Tinley Park

Willow Springs

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