Become an Ambassador for Native Plants

Have you ever wanted to tell someone about the importance of native plants but didn’t know what to say? You are not alone. We may understand why native plants are so important to our pollinators, our birds, our ecosystem, and our very future. However, explaining this to others in a clear, concise way can be a challenge.

Sag Moraine will be offering a new Ambassador Training Program in the coming months. This will be a two- or three-session training over zoom. Learn how to give a brief but compelling introduction to native plants and why they are important. We will customize this to communicate with a variety of populations such as: family, friends, neighbors, municipalities, schools, companies, HOA’s, corporations etc. Each population may have unique advantages by planting native.

We will also explain ways Sag Moraine can provide further assistance and education for everyone who is willing to start going native. In addition, we will provide ambassadors with the pdf for printed materials as well as access to power point materials.

Become an ambassador for this grassroots movement and help us restore our environment one plant at a time!


Promoting Native Plants in Tinley Park Village Hall

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