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Rare and Showy Plants of the Chicago Region, and the Habitats that Support Them

Sag Moraine welcomes Chris Benda, the Illinois Botanizer, for this free webinar.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at
7pm Central Time

Registration has closed for this event. Check our YouTube channel for the recording of the webinar.
Chris Benda with Wildflower

Despite intensive urbanization and development, the Chicago Region is a center of biodiversity in North America. A wide variety of natural communities exist across the spectrum from prairie to savanna to woodland, with numerous types of wetlands interspersed among them. Discover the many rare plants and showy wildflowers unique to this area, along with the habitats in which they occur.

Chris Benda in prairie

Chris Benda is a botanist and past president of the Illinois Native Plant Society (2015-2016). Currently, he works as a researcher at Southern Illinois University, where he coordinates the Plants of Concern Southern Illinois Program and teaches The Flora of Southern Illinois. Besides working at SIU, he conducts botanical fieldwork around the world, teaches a variety of classes at The Morton Arboretum and leads nature tours for Camp Ondessonk. He has research appointments with the University of Illinois and Argonne National Laboratory, and is an accomplished photographer and author of several publications about natural areas in Illinois.

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