Birch Tree


Presenting Sponsor of the Annual Plant Sale

A Sponsorship Level for Businesses, Community Organizations and Civic Leaders

$1,000 Donation per Year

The Sag Moraine Native Plant Community is thrilled to introduce the Birch Tree Sponsorship – a distinguished opportunity for organizations and businesses to take center stage as the Presenting Sponsor of our much-anticipated annual plant sale. With the Birch Tree Presenting Sponsorship, you’ll ensure the Plant Sale is an accessible and affordable event for the community, while also enjoying premium recognition and community engagement opportunities.

Shaping the Experience: The Birch Tree Sponsorship

Like the majestic Birch Tree that stands tall and distinct, the Birch Tree Sponsor holds a pivotal role in shaping the success of the Plant Sale. Your generous contribution not only underpins the event’s effectiveness but also fosters the growth of native plant adoption and environmental awareness.

Nurturing a Greener Future

The Birch Tree Sponsorship empowers you to nurture a more sustainable future by supporting an event that not only offers access to native plants but also creates a stronger connection between communities and nature.

Becoming a Birch Tree Sponsor

The Birch Tree Sponsorship is dedicated to enhancing the community’s access to native plants through the Sag Moraine Annual Plant Sale. Your Presenting Sponsorship entails:

Prominent Recognition: As a Birch Tree Sponsor, your logo and name will enjoy top-tier placement on our website and will be featured prominently in event promotions and communications as the Presenting Sponsor of the Sag Moraine Annual Native Plant Sale.

Event Presence: Set up a booth at the Plant Sale to directly engage with attendees, showcase your brand’s commitment, and connect with individuals passionate about sustainable practices and native plant conservation.

Enriching the Community

Join us in elevating the Plant Sale experience through the Birch Tree Sponsorship. Your contribution is a testament to your dedication to the accessibility of native plants, enriching the lives of individuals and the health of our environment. By becoming the Presenting Sponsor, you’re sowing the seeds for a greener, more vibrant future.

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