Get on the Map!

Sag Moraine is committed to bringing native plants back to our community and restoring our local ecosystems. If communities across the US do the same, we can collectively begin to reverse the damage that has been done. We really can make a difference!

Add your existing and new native plantings to get on the map and become part of the HOMEGROWN NATIONAL PARK™

HOMEGROWN NATIONAL PARK™ is a grassroots CALL TO ACTION spearheaded by Douglas Tallamy and Michelle Alfandari. Mr. Tallamy is a professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware and a bestselling author. Through his books he is changing the way people everywhere view the role of their private landscapes.

The goal of HOMEGROWN NATIONAL PARK™ is to gain an additional 20 million acres of native plantings in the US, one individual at a time. Their live interactive map will gauge the progress.

“Creating Homegrown National Park will require a collective effort from landowners everywhere. It will require the largest cooperative conservation project ever conceived or attempted.”

Douglas W. Tallamy Nature’s Best Hope

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