Little Red Schoolhouse Willowbrook

Gratitude Walk at Little Red Schoolhouse for Members

Sunday, November 13, 2022 at
10 AM Central Time

Little Red Schoolhouse

November is the national month of gratitude.  It’s also the month of gloomy skies and colder breezes. Winter is near, so it’s time for the leaves to turn brown and fall to the ground.  It’s time for seed harvesting and time for wildlife to collect food and prep for winter migration or hibernation.  It’s time for us to be thankful for nature’s vibrant wildflowers, buzzing bees, beautiful songbirds, and lush forests in the past months.

Join Sag Moraine members on a Gratitude Walk on the forest trails at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Willow Springs.  We will hit the trails for this free event on Sunday, November 13 at 10:00 a.m.  A naturalist will lead our hike, pointing out how nature prepares for the winter season.  After the hike, join us in the Media Room for a warm cup of hot chocolate, mingling with other club members and learning of upcoming events. 

This Gratitude Walk in the forest is a great opportunity to enjoy a fun and fortifying moment together before the hectic holiday season begins! 

This event is for Sag Moraine members. Registration information has been sent directly to members. If you are a member and did not receive the invitation, please send an email to

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