Andrew Hedman with water feature

Backyard Conservation with Living Water

Sag Moraine welcomes Landscaper Andrew Hedman, to present this free webinar.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Registration is closed for this event. The webinar was recorded and can be accessed from our YouTube channel.

Wildlife in our back yards need both food and water to thrive. Learn how to provide both with native plants and naturally filtered water features.

Water feature with Blue Wild Indigo
Pond by Aquascape, Inc

Andrew has been passionate about wildlife and conservation since he was a small child. A fan of both Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin, Andrew wanted to be a herpetologist for years. After a brief career in the US Air Force, Andrew’s passion for aquariums led him to a retail store manager role at Aquascape, Inc. in Saint Charles, North America’s largest manufacturer of pond and water feature products. There he learned the importance of a naturally filtered ecosystem for ponds and how beneficial water features are for local ecosystems. He quickly came to learn of the importance of incorporating native plants in the landscape to further benefit both local wildlife and ecosystems. Inspired by the work of Doug Tallamy, Andrew decided to utilize native plants in all landscaping his company, Good Steward Ecoscapes, installs and maintains.

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