Herb Schumann 2023 garden

Herb Schumann, Palos Heights

My fourth year working on my pollinator/ butterfly garden
Herb Schumann - Pollinator Garden
Pollinator Garden
Herb Schumann Back Corner Pollinator Garden
Back Corner Pollinator Garden
Herb Schumann Three kinds of Milkweed coming in
Three kinds of Milkweed coming in
Herb Schumann - Yellow Coneflowers
Yellow Coneflowers with Purple Coneflowers in Background
Herb Schumann - Purple and Yellow Coneflower in pollinator garden
Purple and Yellow Coneflowers
HS Palos Heights Asters
A mix of native and non-native blooms, in all their fall glory. The asters were chewed down by rabbits early in the season, but recovered.
Herb Schumann - Fall colors with Asters and Showy Goldenrod
A year later (2023) - Fall colors with asters and showy goldenrod

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