Elizzabeth Kaufman

How to Bee a Pollinator Steward

Join Sag Moraine for this free webinar featuring Elizzabeth Kaufman!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at
7pm Central Time

Registration Is Closed For This Event.

Watch for the Recording of the Webinar on our YouTube Channel.

Creating Native Habitat Gardens and Conservation Practices at Home

This workshop aims to inspire conservation practices at home through increasing awareness of our local native pollinators, their importance to our everyday lives, and their interdependent relationships with native plants and habitat features. The presentation will include best management practices (BMPs) for creating and managing habitat gardens at home to support conservation stewardship practices. This includes actions for site preparation, plant material selection, and long-term management.

The workshop will include a live Q & A session to address specific questions and provide assistance with individual efforts.

Elizzabeth Kaufman’s passionate interests in native pollinator conservation and habitat restoration led her to join Pollinator Partnership in 2018, as Senior Plant Ecologist. Prior to working with P2, Elizzabeth worked throughout the Midwest, Intermountain West, and Southwest with the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Plant Science Center, the Bureau of Land Management, and the National Park Service. Her work at P2 encompasses a wide range of native pollinator habitat implementation, restoration, and enhancement projects in natural landscapes and in novel environments including solar farms. In addition, she manages projects focused on native plant materials amplification, for restoration partner projects. Elizzabeth earned her MSc in Plant Biology and Conservation from Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden.

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