Dark Sky

Turn Out the Lights to Help Our Migrating Birds

Join Sag Moraine for a free webinar featuring Adam Kreuzer and Annette Prince!

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at
7pm Central Time

Registration is closed for this event.

A recording of this event is now available on our YouTube channel: 

Artificial light pollution is detrimental to humans, animals, and insects. Perhaps no creature is more harmed by artificial light than our migrating birds.

Nearly a billion birds perish each year as a result of window strikes. They see the sky or tree in the window reflection and fly towards it. Another problem facing our feathered friends is their inability to clearly see the moon and stars due to large amounts of light pollution. They use the moon and stars to navigate during spring and fall migration.

In this joint presentation, Adam Kreuzer, delegate for the International Dark Sky Association, and Annette Prince, from the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, will discuss the perils facing our precious birds and easy steps we can all take to help them survive.

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors
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