Native Plant Landscapers

Jeremy Ohmes believes gardens can be meaningful spaces for healing and connection. After acquiring a certificate in Horticultural Therapy from the Chicago Botanic Garden in 2018, Jeremy started Wild World Gardens to share his love of gardening with others and to help them transform their landscapes into beautiful and beneficial ecosystems filled with food, medicine, and connections to local wildlife.

Keith Sykora founded Stellar Native Plant Nursery in 2022. The mission of Stellar Natives is to increase the use and availability of native plants throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Our plan is to be a resource for homeowners to purchase native plants for their properties and provide expert advise to the public on selecting the right native plants for their needs. Ensuring our clients are successful on their projects is paramount. Keith has over 10 years of experience in the ecological restoration industry.

Andrew Hedman has been passionate about wildlife and conservation since he was a small child. As a retail store manager at Aquascape, Inc (North America’s largest manufacturer of pond and water feature products), he learned how beneficial naturally-filtered water features are for local ecosystems. Inspired by the work of Doug Tallamy, he started his own landscaping company, Good Steward Ecoscapes, where he utilizes native plants in all landscaping installations.

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