Oak Tree


A Legacy of Conservation and Education

A Sponsorship Level for Businesses, Community Organizations and Civic Leaders

Starting at $2,500 Donation per Year

As an Oak Tree Sponsor, you’re invited to become an integral force within the native plant movement, shaping your involvement with a bespoke sponsorship design, such as event naming rights or community garden sponsorship, all while directly contributing to the advancement of Sag Moraine’s mission.

Majestic Influence: The Oak Tree Spirit

Just as the mighty oak tree stands as a symbol of strength and endurance, Oak Tree Sponsors have the fortitude to impact our community and environment. Your generous contribution not only fuels our mission but also leaves a legacy of ecological stewardship and education.

Customize Your Impact

The Oak Tree Sponsorship extends an invitation to design an impact that harmonizes with your vision. Your choices will directly influence our mission’s trajectory and profoundly shape our community’s understanding and appreciation of native plants. Here are some potential options:

Event Naming Rights: Exercise the privilege of naming rights for one of our signature events, aligning your brand with a high-profile initiative that champions native plant education and environmental awareness.

Sponsor a Community Garden: Sponsor a community garden facilitated by the Sag Moraine Native Plant Community. Your support directly impacts local ecosystems while fostering a profound sense of community involvement. Leave an indelible mark by having your name or logo inscribed on a commemorative garden plaque, underscoring your commitment to native plants and ecological conservation.

Customizable Sponsorship: Have something unique in mind? Share your vision with us, and let’s collaborate to bring it to life. Your creative input can make a meaningful impact on the adoption of native plants within the community.

Embarking as an Oak Tree Sponsor

Are you prepared to forge an enduring connection with native plant education that embodies your values? As an Oak Tree Sponsor, you’ll relish unmatched flexibility and gain from:

Personalized Impact: Customize your sponsorship experience to align with your vision, ensuring your support resonates deeply.

Recognition: Based on your chosen options, your brand’s presence will shine prominently across our platforms and initiatives, demonstrating your commitment.

Legacy: Your involvement will forge an enduring impact, a testament to your dedication to biodiversity and native plants.

Empower Change

Join us in cultivating native plant education through the Oak Tree Sponsorship. Your bespoke support will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of conservation, education, and community engagement. Together, we’ll craft an impact that resounds for generations to come.

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