Red Maple Tree


Nurturing Growth at the Annual Plant Sale

A Sponsorship Level for Businesses, Community Organizations and Civic Leaders

$500 Donation per Year

The Sag Moraine Native Plant Community proudly presents the Red Maple Tree Sponsorship – a pivotal opportunity for businesses and organizations to become supporting sponsors of the highly anticipated Sag Moraine Annual Plant Sale. By embracing the Red Maple Tree Sponsorship, you play an integral role in making native plants accessible and affordable to the community, fostering biodiversity and sustainable landscaping practices.

Strength and Growth: The Red Maple Tree Spirit

Just as the Red Maple tree stands as a symbol of strength and growth, Red Maple Tree Sponsors provide crucial support for the growth of our community and the conservation of native plants. Your generous contribution not only fuels the success of the plant sale but also nurtures a greener and more sustainable future.

Providing Access to Native Plants

The Red Maple Tree Sponsorship is dedicated to fostering accessibility and affordability of native plants within our community through the Sag Moraine Annual Plant Sale. Your sponsorship directly contributes to:

  1. Community Impact: Red Maple Tree Sponsors are instrumental in making native plants accessible to a wider audience, encouraging the adoption of ecologically beneficial gardening practices.
  2. Fostering Biodiversity: Promoting the use of native plants fosters biodiversity, nurturing healthier ecosystems and vibrant habitats for a variety of species.

Becoming a Red Maple Tree Sponsor

Are you ready to make a tangible impact on local ecosystems and community engagement? By becoming a Red Maple Tree Sponsor, you’ll enjoy:

  1. Prominent Recognition: Your support will be celebrated through placement of your logo on our website’s dedicated Sponsor page, on the event landing page, in event promotions and communications, and on prominent signage at the Sag Moraine Annual Plant Sale.
  2. Community Involvement: Your sponsorship directly contributes to a more informed and ecologically-conscious community.

Nurturing Natives Together

Join us in nurturing the growth of native plants and fostering a deeper connection between communities and their environment through the Red Maple Tree Sponsorship. Your contribution is a testament to your commitment to accessible, affordable, and sustainable native plant adoption, enriching the lives of individuals and the health of our planet.

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