Restoring Our Environment One Plant At A Time

Join Sag Moraine for this free webinar on how and why to incorporate native plants in our suburban landscapes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022, at 7pm CT.

Registration Is Closed for This Event.

You can view the recording in our YouTube channel!

It has been widely reported that our pollinators, birds, and insects have been declining rapidly in recent decades. This is largely due to loss of habitat. Loss of habitat means loss of the native plant species with which these creatures have co-evolved. In this presentation, you will learn why native plants are so important to these creatures and why these creatures are so important to us.

One of the questions that Sag Moraine is frequently asked is “What native plants will work best in my traditional suburban landscape?”  Most native plants are beautiful but not all are appropriate for smaller landscapes.  Whether you are creating a new landscape or adding native plants to an existing one, we will share with you many outstanding native plants that work very well in traditional suburban landscapes!

Each one of us can make a difference with every plant we choose.  We will also share other easy things we can do to improve our home habitat.  Together, we can improve our environment one plant at a time.

Sag Moraine Native Plant Community is an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization in the near west and southwest suburbs of Chicago.  Our mission is to advocate for and educate about native plants and their importance in healing our ecosystem.  Sag Moraine is active throughout many communities providing education and creating awareness about native plants.  For more information, please look through this website or visit us on social media.

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