Collecting Seeds from Native Plants – By Kelly Schultz

The webinar recording for this and other events is available on our YouTube channel.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 7:00 PM Central Time

Having a native garden is rewarding in the summer, but have you explored what it looks like in fall?  Ever wondered how to collect native seeds?  Join this webinar to learn about identifying your plants when they are seeding instead of blooming, along with tips on how to collect & handle your seeds successfully.  Participants will receive a copy of a brand new resource showcasing 60 native species suitable for gardening, with photos in seed.  Bring your questions about your native plants!

Milkweed is the favorite of monarchs. Pink globes of flowers, adaptable to a lot of soils. Spreads by runners too, recommended for wild gardens rather than manicured beds. They are ripe when the pod splits; ignore the pod color.

Kelly Schultz is Stewardship Ecologist for Lake County Forest Preserve District, and has been playing with native seeds for 18 years.

Registration for this event is closed. You may view the recorded webinar on our YouTube channel: Collecting Seeds from Native Plants

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