Services Provided

Site Visits
Sag Moraine offers a goldenrod membership that offers members an annual site visit and follow up communications via email or zoom. This membership option is for those who don’t want to hire a professional landscaper but would like some recommendations and support as they design and install their own native plantings.

Consulting Services
Sag Moraine provides consulting services for municipalities, businesses, HOA’s, schools etc. If you are ready to improve the ecosystem health of your landscape, we are here to help. We will come out and visit your landscape and make suggestions. If you would like, we will provide professional connections and references.

Sag Moraine will give in person and remote presentation to libraries, park districts, businesses, clubs, groups, churches etc. Below you will find the presentations we currently offer.

Restoring Our Environment One Plant at a Time
Learn why native plants are so important to our pollinators, birds, and humans. We will share easy things everyone can do in their own yards to help our ecosystem.

Native Plants for a Traditional Landscape
Incorporating native plants into your home or business landscape is one of the best things you can do for the local ecosystem. However, not all native plants are suitable for smaller suburban landscapes. Learn many varieties of native plants that will be appropriate and look beautiful in your landscape.

How to Help Monarchs in Your Yard
Our monarch butterfly population has declined more than 90 percent in recent decades and it is listed as an endangered species. Learn simple things that we can all do on our own property to help this iconic and beautiful creature.

An honorarium for the above services is greatly appreciated. Sag Moraine is an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit and we rely on donations and fundraisers to provide the resources needed to continue our effort to bring about environmental change in our community.

Sag Moraine hosts regular free educational webinars for the community. Watch the events section of our website homepage for upcoming presentations.

Plant Sale
Sag Moraine hosts a yearly native plant sale. This is our main fundraiser and helps make native plants accessible and affordable for the community.

Seed Exchange
Sag Moraine hosts a yearly seed exchange to help make incorporating native plants easy and inexpensive for the community.

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