Cultivating Native Plant Education in the Community

A Sponsorship Level for Businesses, Community Organizations and Civic Leaders

$250 Donation per Event or Webinar

The Sunflower Sponsorship offered by Sag Moraine Native Plant Community is an exciting opportunity for businesses, community organizations and civic leaders to champion native plant education while gaining well-deserved recognition. This sponsorship empowers you to support an in-person or webinar event, becoming a guiding light in the growth and dissemination of knowledge about native plants.

Blooming with Support: The Spirit of the Sunflower

Just as sunflowers turn to the sun for energy and radiate vibrancy, Sunflower Sponsors lead the charge in nurturing native plant education. Your generous contribution not only strengthens our mission but also empowers individuals with the knowledge to positively impact their local ecosystems.

Cultivating Knowledge through Community Education Events

The Sunflower Sponsorship drives both in-person and virtual native plant education, including engaging webinars. You can sponsor one of the following:

  1. Impactful Webinar: Sunflower Sponsors enable the development and hosting of an impactful webinar dedicated to native plant education. Our webinars cover essential topics like site preparation, creating pollinator-friendly spaces, native plant recommendations, sustainable gardening practices, and the crucial role of native species in biodiversity.
  2. Educational Event: Your sponsorship grants access to native plant experts who share their expertise and passion with the community. By facilitating these conversations, you directly contribute to fostering a community of informed and environmentally-conscious individuals.

Shining a Light on Positive Change

As a Sunflower Sponsor, you’re not just supporting native plant education in the community – you’re nurturing a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet. Your contribution amplifies the reach of vital information, empowering individuals to make eco-conscious decisions in their daily lives.

Becoming a Sunflower Sponsor

Are you ready to align your brand with an initiative that promotes knowledge, sustainability, and ecological consciousness? By becoming a Sunflower Sponsor, you’re fostering the growth of native plant education while enjoying:

  1. Sponsorship Recognition: Your support is celebrated through prominent mentions during the sponsored webinar or educational event. The phrase “Sponsored by [Your Name/Organization]” will resonate with attendees, showcasing your commitment to environmental education. We ensure a notable presentation of your logo and brand by limiting each event to three Sunflower Sponsors.
  2. Logo Placement and Mention: Benefit from logo placement on our website’s dedicated Sunflower Sponsorship section, and the event/webinar landing page where it remains visible to our extensive network of supporters, members, and webinar attendees. Our presenter will thank you for your support at the beginning and end of the event. Your logo will also be highlighted on all event communications.
  3. Positive Impact: Your sponsorship directly contributes to raising ecological awareness and fostering a more environmentally-conscious society.

Illuminate the Way

Join us in illuminating the path towards a greener, more educated future. Become a Sunflower Sponsor and play an essential role in spreading the seeds of knowledge for a flourishing tomorrow.

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